Our Activities

The SMPs objective is to contribute, in Switzerland and the world, the promotion of microfinance.  The association creates opportunities to meet, to become informed, to debate and cooperate on the subject of development institutions, the evolution of the market and policy options. In this capacity, the SMP assumes the following roles:

  • Analyze the evolution of the Swiss micofinance market.
  • Assemble a network of all actors interested matters relating to microfinance, particularly professional practitioners.
  • To exchange information and experiences
  • Develop increased knowledge and competence in the field of microfinance
  • Define standards in the promotion of microfinance
  • Define the standards for the promotion of microfinance
  • Define ethical guidelines and common policies
  • Study and research
  • To raise awareness and establish monthly workshops and microfinance conferences
  • Promote Swiss microfinance while taking into account its social impact